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NEW - Team Trio 2017

Hoping to add some extra fun to our league by you joining together with some fellow League members & register your dogs in the New Team Trio. The team needs to consist of 3 dogs & handlers who are registered league members for 2017. The 3 dogs must consist of at least 1 different height so for example 2 Large & 1 medium or any other combination. The scoring with be taken from the 3 teams dogs own league results & combined together for an overall end of year league total.

Hoping we can make this an annual award but for the first year placing will be to the highest scoring team & will be sponsored btwww.dogsrgroovygrooming.co.uk

All you have to do is get yourself some team member/members fill the form in & return to me & we will do the rest. See registration form on Facebook for more details

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